The Tenth Crusade

History is a cyclical phenomenon. It provides us with the opportunity to learn from past victories and defeats. As you journey through the pages of the past you begin to see a series of similar actions and reactions. This is ever true of the Islamic invasion of the west.

Within a century Islam went from a blossoming ideology to a warring conquest that spread through the Middle East, Asia Minor, North Africa, and then The West. In 711 Muslim Crusaders conquered Spain and imposed the kingdom of Andalus. In 717 the Arab muslims were at war with Bulgaria. In 846 Rome was raided. From 837-901 Muslim crusaders conquered Sicily, and raided Italy, Corsica, and France. Through this whole period, and after, Muslim conquerors raided and destroyed Christians and their holy sites all throughout the Middle East.

It is often taught to us that The Crusades were an act of aggression perpetrated by the Christian world. When in fact, it was clearly an act of defense against a violent and murderous cult. In many ways, the crusades, both the aggressive Muslim and Christian response never ended. They continue to this day. The actors and the methods have changed, but the war rages the same.

We are at war, not with a new enemy but an old one. An enemy who once sold the children of our conquered ancestors at the slave markets of North Africa, and who now seeks to kill them in concert halls. This enemy chooses not to meet our best on the battlefield, but chooses to slaughter our most vulnerable within our own borders.

The great tragedy is that we have not merely been complacent, but we have openly welcomed this enemy into our communities. We have waved the banner of virtue signals and invited evil into our borders. Our ancestors fought this enemy for centuries, finally pushing them back into their homeland. Only to have their descendants welcome it back with open arms.

How many innocent men, women, and children must we burn on the alter of open borders and multiculturalism before we make a change? How many severed limbs must lay in the street before we open our eyes? How many severed heads must roll off the blades of Mahadists before we see this enemy for what it is? We cannot claim to hold the moral high ground because we allow refugees into our nations, while simultaneously allowing savages in who mass murder our own. We can not claim to be moral when we willfully risk the lives of our families and countrymen. Our first duty is not to the inhabitants of the Middle East, but to the men, women, and children of The West. If we cannot ensure the safety and prosperity of our own, while simultaneously providing a better life for others, then we must cease the latter until the problem can be resolved.

Until we can ensure the safety of our people, as well as the preservation of our culture and way of life we must accept the harsh reality that no matter how good our intentions are, the outcomes are destructive. Until the Islamic world faces the daemon festering within its culture we cannot allow its cohabitation to expand. I fully support peaceful muslims who wish to join us in our culture, who have joined us in our culture, and who live alongside us in our culture. However, until Muslims worldwide reform their religion and route out the evil growing inside of it we cannot allow its importation to continue. We must close our borders, eradicate the extremism within our own nations, while the Islamic world simultaneously does the same, and then only then, we can try this again.

-Tom Binnz

American Suicide 

If you still watch mainstream news you’re probably looking under rocks for Russian spies and North Koreans. Possibly even making sure Trump and Sean Spicer are not hiding in your bushes. However, the greatest threat to the American way of life and the nation as a whole, is living right next door.

Abraham Lincoln famously said “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”. We have faltered and we have lost our freedoms, and it has been at our own hands. Maybe not at the hands of anyone reading this, but those Americans and institutions who have subverted our culture and our way of life. There is a cancer growing within our borders. It has many names; socialism, communism, And Marxism for starters. However, at the end of the day it goes by “Collectivism”.

America was a unique experiment in human history. A nation built on the principle of individualism. A nation where the right of the individual to self determination could not be subverted by the collective. A revolutionary opportunity in the history of human social development. Never before had human beings been given the chance for personal gain on such a grand scale. Millions crossed the Atlantic Ocean with nothing, expecting nothing, and claiming nothing, except the ability to forge their own destiny. The fabric of this great nation was built on this dream, but this dream has turned into a nightmare.

No longer do the majority of Americans seek to pave their own path. They seeks to have The State pave it for them with other people’s money and labor. No longer do they seek the dangers of freedom, but instead seek the totalitarian death grip of peaceful slavery. No longer do Americans seek the knowledge and tenacity of the wealthy, but wish to rob and extort them of their wealth. America has changed. Our once great pioneering spirit has been replaced by the attitude of a petulant child who was given 1 cookie instead of 2.

America is dying from within. The coastal regions, and major cities are forcing us all onto the cattle cars of their slow suicide. Our children’s minds are being poisoned by state run education and Marxist professors. The overbearing state apparatus has continually seized our wealth, our freedoms, and our way of life. We have had enough.

We the forgotten peoples of America rallied together and elected Donald Trump to break the suicidal cycle of self hate, white guilt, and Marxist ideologies. Only to then have, not only the Democratic Party, but the Republicans who were suppose to represent us subvert him at every chance. How much bigger of a statement could we have made? How much does it take to make these people realize that they are to represent our will, not theirs! Where they are to be listening to us, they cower in fear of the left wing media and violent leftist groups. Our officials are more concerned with what Rosie O’Donnell and the New York Times will say about them, then what we will.

In our want and desire to live our lives in peace, we have opened the door for violent social-marxist to rally the war the drums. We must speak up! We must demand action! We must no longer sit by and idly allow far left basement dwellers and Hollywood elites to control the narrative in OUR country. We are the counter-culture, we are the true resistance. We are the decedents of those men and women who left their peace and prosperity to forge a new and greater path, and it is our responsibility to defend what they have built! No longer will we entertain the voices of those who wish to sell our nation to the 3rd world in exchange for the alleviation of their perceived ancestral guilt. No longer will we be told we cannot speak. No longer will cower to the enemy out of fear of being labeled racists and whatever other “ist” they decide to call us. We are Americans and we will not allow our nation to be destroyed by feminazis and beta males.

We must put the establishment on notice. You work for us or you don’t work at all! We must start voting these people out! The Republicans have controlled both the Presidency and The Congress for 4 months, and yet very little has changed. We will not accept this, we must demand action! If we continue to allow our representatives to be more afraid of the media and far left professors than they are of their own constituents, America will truly be lost for good. It is time to rise again, a demand action!

-Tom Binnz