2 thoughts on “What if Trump is Impeached? Is The Left Really Ready for What Comes Next?

  1. Hello Mr. Binnz my name is Gary Pelow. I saw your video on the possible impeachment of Trump. I just wanted to make a couple of points. Bill Clinton was impeached but not removed from office. Impeachment is a long laborious undertaking. Secondly Christians of any stripe are not the only people who voted for trump. I am a hardcore atheist, always will be, but I voted for Donald Trump. In many people’s eyes, conservative Christians, they do not believe for a moment Trump is a Christian. Religion nor racism were the motivations for voting Trump, as you point out. Also I wish people would stop assuming atheists are always on the psychotic far left. Also there is a political center in the USA and it is irritating people on the left and right pretend there isn’t a center. We are here . Also, this may seem odd to you, but I see a psychiatrist for schizophrenia and have since 1984, I am 52. I am a member of the NRA BUT I DO NOT OWN A GUN NOR COULD I DO SO legally. NOR should I be able to. WOULD YOU WANT ME TO HAVE A GUN WHEN I HAVE A PSYCHOTIC DISORDER? I AM NOT TROLLING YOU. SINCERELY Gary Pelow August 31 2018 6:17 AM EST USA Rochester NY.


  2. It’s like you were reading my mind with this video post. Thank you.
    This is a point of view that REALLY needs to be shared widely — the Leftists definitely DON’T understand — but they need to.


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