These Aren’t Your Daddy’s Democrats



If you’re over the age of 30, you probably remember a very different democratic party than the one of today.

I was born and raised in the rural suburbs 2 counties north of Baltimore City. My parents were your traditional Baltimore blue collar Democrats, hardworking little guys just trying to raise a family on a single income in a state with a high cost of living. As a youth I had always assumed the Democratic Party represented the values in which I saw in my parents.

My first real experience with politics was in 1992 during the Bush/Clinton election. My 4th grade class had an “Election Day” project where we were to make a poster filled with political rhetoric promoting the candidate we liked. So in practicality, parents helped their kids make posters filled with political rhetoric in favor of the candidate they liked. I was the only kid in the class with a Clinton For President sign…And I couldn’t understand why.

I had always been told The Republicans were the party of the rich, and the Democrats were the party of the working man. I was rather nonpolitical through most of my formative years, but I maintained this ideology, and my parents kept voting Democrat). As far as I could tell from the perspective of a disgruntled, non-politically educated teen this hypothesis was true.

My interest in politics was fueled by 9/11 and the subsequent war in Iraq. I was a 19 year old father of a 1 year old daughter when the bombs started dropping over Baghdad. Being a prime contender for conscription I began to look into the reasons, causes, and justifications for the war I may be forced to go fight. Needless to say I found the evidence lacking, which gave rise to my small government, non-interventionist ideals.

During the Bush years I discovered Dr. Ron Paul, William Cooper, and yes…Alex Jones (who I can’t even listen to anymore). In my early 20’s I spiraled down every conspiracy wormhole known to man. Everything from proven conspiracies like Operation Northwoods, to the speculative points like geo-engineering and chemtrails. I spent the better part of the next 10 years looking for government conspiracies under every roll of Rosie O’Donnell’s abdomen. Then came the Obama years…

I will admit I had mixed emotions the night that I watched John McCain secede the election to Barack Obama. On one hand it seemed like America had finally put race and prejudice behind us, but on the other hand I knew like most politicians he was full of shit and America was about to go into a death spiral. I never liked Obama, but I never liked McCain either. I voted for Chuck Baldwin that year.

Growing up I never noticed much of a difference between republicans and democrats. They both seemed similar, they had different stances on social issues and some minor policy difference here and there, but Obama was different. Obama talked different, he talked with authority about a future America that didn’t sound much like America to me. He talked about “fair shares”, economic equality, the right to healthcare, among others. All of which translated to me as higher taxes and more government control over my life. I’m not sure I even understood what socialism really was at the time, but what he was talking about didn’t sound like the “work hard to succeed American dream” to me. In time i no longer needed to go looking for conspiracies anymore, they were everywhere.

I think it only took about 3 days of an Obama presidency to make him enemy #1 on my list. For the next 8 years 92% of my waking hours were filled with me complaining about his every move. From his flip flop of being against foreign wars, to bombing half of the Middle East. His signing of the The National Defense Authorization Act, the domestic surveillance apparatus he inspired, and above all his seemingly sexually driven fetish for regulating what types of guns we’re allowed to own. Oh yeah, and that smug narcissistic smile of his.

Obama changed the face of the Democratic Party, at least for me. Since my submersion into politics I haven’t been a big fan of either party. However the side of the left Obama brought out drove me to hate the democrats. In those 8 years it seemed like the left in America went from social liberals, to all out socialist. They seemed hell bent on destroying everything and anything that represented America. They truly began to disgust me. From their Capital One “what’s in your wallet” stance on my personal finances, to their willful destruction of American family values. These were not the democrats I grew up watching my parents vote for.

My father never voted for Obama, and my mother only the first term. This year they both voted for Trump. My sister who was a registered democrat most of her life, is now a registered republican and a bigger Trump fan than me. This shift into full blown socialism has caused the democrats to lose their base, the middle working class. The rise of The Donald is empirical evidence of this.

America doesn’t want socialism! The media will try to convince you that it does. They will spin their polls taken in major metropolitan cities to make you feel like you’re in the minority. This is a tactic the left uses to inspire group think. Don’t buy into it, it’s a mind game. America is changing like they say, but the change is the return to her values of liberty and self-determination. We must not let them silence us; we must go on the offensive. They are losing, this is why we’ve seen a surge in left-wing violence. They’re trying to push us back into the shadows. I say no more! We are here and we’re not moving. We are winning and there is no room for us to slow down. Keep waving your flags, keep protesting in support of free speech, keep supporting OUR speakers, and OUR advocates. Put your money where your mouth is and donate to conservative groups, donate to conservative and libertarian YouTube channels. Support independent journalist, help fund their operations. We are in this together against a media machine with unlimited resources, we need to have each other’s backs. If you can’t support someone monetarily like and share their content, maybe someone who can will see it. Spread the word, help out your fellow freedom lovers, we’re in this together!

-Tom Binnz

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