Marine Le Pen Advances! 

Marine Le Pen declared victory today along side Emmanuel Macron in the first round of the French presidential election. Macron came in with 23.9% of the vote, Le Pen with 21.4% and will go head to head on May 7th. 

This has been touted as a win for the future of France, but let’s keep in mind that Macron technically won the first round. That means that as of now more French citizens are completely okay with the destruction of their native culture than those who are not. Hopefully the fact that the elections had to be secured by 57,000 soldiers and police will open the eyes of the almost 24% that voted for Macron.

France is at its critical mass as a nation and a culture. With the massive increase in middle eastern immigration compounded with the lowest native birth rate in 40 years, France is on course to become a Muslim nation within a few decades. Hopefully the French people will surprise us, and seize this opportunity to save their civilization.
-Tom Binnz

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