The Battle For Berkeley and The Return of The Right

Every day I open my Facebook app and it appears as though the storm clouds of civil war are gathering closer together. The divide between left and right in our nation has reached the point where our differences are irreconcilable. There is no middle ground. The rise of socialism and communism amongst the American Left, and the American Right’s deepening embrace of constitutional originalism has widened the gap farther than ever. More and more I’m convinced that we cannot meet in the middle, that we cannot coexist. The Right has tried, we have offered the peace pipe by saying “leave us alone! Let us buy our guns, let us keep our hard earned money, and stop making us pay to kill babies. Besides that do whatever the hell you want”. However, this offer was not good enough for The Left. They continue to assault our basic values while demanding we respect theirs. I say enough is enough! The source of power The Left has unanimously held onto is our consent, our apathy, and our unwillingness to collectively resist their agenda. They have come to depend on our willingness to debate and use reason to resolve conflicts. This is a virtue of The Right, but also a weakness.

Long ago The Left identified our weakness and have been using it to exploit us. In sticking to our traditional roots we have literally been beaten, bloodied, and bruised. Until Saturday April 15th.

The events that transpired in Berkeley were in all hopes a tipping point. A point where we on the side of freedom and liberty return to our roots of “give me liberty or give me death” and begin to take back what was taken from us. If The Left wishes to bring violence upon us, then I say give them what they ask for.

A quote from Atlas Shrugged, the literary classic by Ayn Rand came to mind while I was gathering my thoughts for this post, “It is only as retaliation that force may be used and only against the man who starts its use. No, I do not share his evil or sink to his concept of morality: I merely grant him his choice, destruction, the only destruction he had the right to choose: his own”. We have defended against violence with words for to long. We are not the punching bags of socialists, we are free men! We must start acting like it. I do not condone offensive violence, but when met with violence overwhelm the aggressor with devastating degrees of force. No longer will we give quarter to those who seek our destruction! No longer will we comprise our rights as a free men to appease the sensitive minds of communist! We will no longer hold our tongues out of fear of being called the “ist” of the day! Many will say “don’t stoop to their level; don’t feed into them”. We have tried that, and where has it gotten us? We have spent decades attempting to meet them in the middle, over and over and over again. If you meet someone in the middle long enough they will eventually consume you by the sheer nature of mathematics. Every time they have thrown a fit, we have appeased them. I say no more! We are here, we are standing firm, you move!
-Tom Binnz
#battleforberkeley #standandfight

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