Democracy is Slavery

We hear the word “Democracy” touted constantly by politicians, specifically left wing politicians, but have you ever considered what democracy really is? We’re told democracy is this wonderful Grecian concept of freedom in where the people rule, not dictators or monarchs. However in application, Democracy is slavery! A system of slavery where your fellow supposedly equal citizens become your masters. Where you as an individual are only allowed to live freely so far as the leash of the majority allows. The collective becomes the dictator and the ruling parties become the monarchs. The majority controls what you can own, where you can go, and what you can put into your own body. The majority can send your children to die in a war for their benefit. The majority can take what you rightfully have earned and use it for their benefit. Democracy is organized theft. Democracy is servitude with the illusion of choice. A man can never truly be free under Democracy, he will inevitably be forced to pander to his fellows in order to maintain any semblance of his natural rights as a human being. Democracy is not a voluntary system, it is only voluntary if you’re lucky enough to be on the side of the majority. Under a Democracy, the ideological minorities are forced to comply with the majority through force, violence, extortion, and incarceration. Democracy is no more moral than a dictatorship. In fact, an argument could be made that it is more immoral. A dictatorship is one single individual using violence to make millions comply with his ideology, the immorality falls directly on one individual. Under a Democracy, not only does the collective use force and violence to make the other 49% comply, they collectively revel in it. The members of the majority feel empowered by the support of those around them. They can rationalize their abuse of their fellow men under the guise of the collective good. They are not solely responsible for the injustice, therefore they can more easily deflect responsibility. Sure democracy is better than many other governmental systems, rat poison is better than Zyklon B, that doesn’t mean I want to consume either. Freedom cannot exist in any system where non violent peaceful people are ruled, regardless of who rules them or how those rulers were selected. I’ll leave you with a quote by The great Irish write Oscar Wilde, “Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.”

-Tom Binnz

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