Blood in the Sand

This morning many of us woke to the stark revelation that the US Navy had launched a cruise missile attack on the Shayrat airfield in western Syria. What followed next was a mixed bag of emotions. Empowerment, because we finally have a president who exhibits strength and fortitude. Fear that we just started World War 3. And disheartened, because here we go again entangling ourselves in another Middle Eastern sandbox that we have no business being in. All conglomerating into a heightened level of confusion, considering that President Trump publicly denounced Obama’s attempt at a Syrian war back in 2013. As a strict noninterventionist, yet someone who supports most of President Trumps domestic policies, I was particularly befuddled by yesterday’s events. While I generally oppose any foreign intervention against any state that does not pose a direct threat to the US, I’m elated that foreign leaders now know that the days of the United States making idle threats are over. That they know we have standards again, and if we say something we mean it. Juxtaposed to that emotion is that of “here we go again, the worlds police are back at it”. I was adamantly against both Bush’s and Obama’s wars. However to be transparent, I couldn’t stand either one of them or their policies either. I’m wondering if my judgement is being clouded by my want for Trump to succeed. Eclipsed by my hope that Trump isn’t just another Bush and Obama. Distorted by my desire for things to be different this time. And overshadowed by my longing to finally have a real American in the office, and not just another puppet. Ultimately only time will tell. I will give President Trump the chance to show the evidence and explain his position. I will however be closely watching his foreign interaction from a high tower well guarded by principle, reason, and evidence. 
-Tom Binns

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