The Drums of War

    As the war drums begin their low rumble across the nation, we as truth seekers must adhere to our principles. In lieu of the current events in Syria I’m reminded of the events of the summer of 2013. Calls for war with Syria echoed across the land from the halls of the Oval Office over Bashar al-Assad’s use of sarin nerve gas on his own people. Then President, Barak Obama reminded us of our conviction to defending human rights, and fighting dictatorial tyrants. The only problem was, on May 6th of that year U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria member Carla Del Ponte, told Swiss TV there were “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof,” that rebels seeking to overthrow al-Assad had conducted the chemical attack. The same rebels that The Obama Administration had been arming and training for years. Thankfully due to the age of the internet, informed citizens rallied against this clear attempt at disinformation preventing another Middle Eastern war. If indeed the facts do show that Assad was behind this most recent attack then the international community has a series of complex decisions to make. The international community! America is not the worlds police! As horrible as this event was, I am not willing to drench the sands of Syria with American blood in an attempt to topple someone else’s tyrant. America has done her duty for the world. We have decimated genocidal leaders like Adolf Hitler, cluster bombed bullies like Sadam Hussein, and provided more foreign aid than the rest of the world combined. We have bled to much in the last 16 years. We have proved our commitment to western values. It’s time for other nations to prove theirs. Our grandchildren will be paying off the debts we absorbed to create the power vacuum known as Iraq. Thousands of families have lost loved ones through our attempts at stabilizing the Middle East. I say not one more until the rest of the civilized world is willing to put their sons and daughter on the battlefield first. Then and only then should we consider joining them. 
-Tom Binnz

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