Take Your Self Seriously 

We’re being bombarded daily with a juxtaposition of information. Between news reports on the potential of a nuclear attack by the North Koreans and a latest Mahadist slaughter of innocent civilians you’ll be told that “Your not your self when you’re hungry, so grab a snickers”. You’ll watch a report on how the global community is closer to critical mass than ever before, “but don’t get off the couch, sit here and watch our 18 hour marathon of Full House reruns”. As the world continues to spiral up the crescendo towards global conflict, Americans are the least healthy we’ve been in history. We’re eating at least 10X the amount of sugar we should be, we’re eating too many carbohydrates, not enough fats, and to many processed foods. This is just our diets, not to mention our physical condition. Most of us are on some form of big pharma medication, most of us can’t run a mile without a break (myself included), and a large percentage of us are overweight in some capacity. We have to begin taking our “selfs” seriously. We live in a time where global relations and the domestic political climate are turning violent, and we must be ready to meet force with force if necessary. Many, if not most of us are prepared to defend our lives and liberties by having weapons, ammunition, and gear, but can you carry it for 3 miles? Are you able to grab your kids and sprint out of an area if an attack were to happen? I fully understand some of us have disabilities and physical ailments that limit activities. However, I strongly encourage you to give it a 100%, don’t be discouraged. Eat healthy, exercise to the best of your ability, and be the best you that you can possibly be. There may be a time when your life and the lives of your family depend upon it!

-Tom Binnz

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