Is the Constitution a Valid Contract?

The US Constitution is arguably the greatest restraint of power to ever exist between the people and the state. This is a document which many of us value as almost religion. The Constitution was little more than a written contract between the states and the federal government. It laid out clear lines of power and purpose for each level and branch of governmental powers. Within in it also laid out clear rights of the people in which no level of government could restrict. The question begs to be asked is it still valid? Have all parties involved held to the terms of the contract? In my opinion the constitution has been voided. In 1865 when Lincoln invaded the south as a counter strike to The Southern States bid for independence, the contract between the states and the federal government was breached. A multitude of states concurred that the federal government was no longer holding to the limits of power it was granted, and chose to withdraw from the contract. As a result the federal government used violence and force to maintain their rule. This was a clear violation. Once a contract between 2 parties is breached, it can only be reestablished through a new contract. No new contract was signed. Now, for the contract between the Government as a whole and the people. The Peoples contract with the government was that of guaranteed natural rights that could not be violated. With clear violations of the 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments, as well as others, by both state and federal governments one can come to no other logical conclusion then that of a clear breach of contract. As much as we the people love the Constitution and hold to its values and principles, the other parties involved do not. We still recognize the powers granted to them, but they do not recognize the freedoms granted to us. We are in a one-sided agreement. My conclusion to these facts is that the federal government, and many state governments are acting as rouge totalitarian entities with no consent of the people. In violating their end of the agreement the entire contract is void, therefore they no longer operate with the consent of the people and are acting in unlawful governance.

-Tom Binnz

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